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The Importance of Water

Water is vital for the following reasons:

Water makes up 50 – 60% of our bodies, it helps to:

  • Regulate body temperature,

  • Control our breathing

  • Transport nutrients

  • Carry away waste

  • Improve muscle function

Every part of your body is dependent on and comprised of water.

Water is essential and it can even be an extremely important (and often unappreciated) weight loss factor.

If your body is not used to getting water, it actually stores more in ankles, hips and thighs like a thirsty cactus. Once it realises the water will keep coming, your body will get rid of the stores and you’ll lose weight!

You need water or, after three days without it, you’ll die!

Your brain is made up of 75% water, your blood 82% and your lungs nearly 90%.

The more hydrated you are, the quicker your metabolism works helping weight loss.

When you are dehydrated your liver has to help the kidneys function and can’t metabolise fat as quickly. Your metabolism slows down, causing some unwanted fat to remain.

If you’re suffering from cravings or having trouble controlling hunger, drinking water is a quick, healthy way to feel full. Drink a glass when you normally snack, and have one before your meal and right before going out.

Staying Hydrated

Staying hydrated is not restricted to drinking water; milk, juice and other liquids – even some fruits and vegetables – are good sources of water. Try and avoid caffeinated beverages (coffee, and canned drinks), as they actually cause you to lose fluids and become dehydrated.

The recommended daily amount of water is eight 8-ounce glasses a day

Even if you constantly drink coffee or canned drinks, you can make some simple changes to increase the water in your diet. Here are just a few ways to get more water every day:

  • ​Find the water bottles with pop tops. They’re easier to carry around and use than twist off caps.

  • Keep a water bottle in the car.

  • Take a water break instead of a smoke break at work.

  • Set a rule with your water glass: once it’s empty, it gets filled back up right away.

  • Drink orange juice or eat fruit in the morning, just one glass or one piece.

  • Get two water bottles, one for work and one for home. Fill up one every day when you leave to go home, and fill up the other before you go to bed each night.

  • Order water at restaurants instead of fizzy drinks. Even if you have something else to drink, have water too.

  • Weekends are the toughest, so be aware of your water and fluid intake throughout Saturday and Sunday. Keep more than one water bottle in the fridge so you always have a cold one.


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