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Roz's Top Tips

  1. Plan your meals Take a few minutes each week to pick some nutritious recipes so that you have all the ingredients to hand to eat healthily , you are less likely to grab that takeaway

  2. Batch cook At the weekends double up recipes , freeze some so that you always have something healthy to eat at a moments notice

  3. Drink plenty of water Water is essential for our bodies , keep a filled up bottle near you at all times and sip throughout the day

  4. Plan your workouts for the week With our new app and booking site it’s really easy to book your sessions. Email reminders before your classes will keep you on track and motivated to attend whether it be online or at halls Make sure you plan in a balance of exercises ie Pilates , lift and tone as well as a cardio workout such as aerobics or clubbercise Too much of one type of exercise can have a negative effect , balance is key

  5. Watch your added sugar intake Check traffic light labels on packets for amber or red sugar amounts Higher sugar in our blood can lead to unwanted high and lows to our energy and moods and make us crave more sugar which can spiral us out of control

  6. Add healthy fats to your diet including oily fish nuts seeds avocado to help reduce sugar cravings, help to reduce diseases and improve your mental health

  7. Add legumes to your meals Bulk out dishes with fibre and protein packed beans Cheap , nutritious , will keep you feeling fuller for longer , more energetic and it’s true what they say full of beans !

Take care Roz

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