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Importance of Mobility!

You can see a lot of improvements in your health and overall fitness when you stretch and increase your mobility

  • Increased range of motion: Lengthening your muscles, tendons and connective tissues can make it easier to move in your day-to-day life.

  • Injury prevention: You can lower your risk of muscle strains, joint stiffness and other issues.

  • Less tightness: This benefit is especially important for people who sit at desks a lot.

  • Better posture: You can correct imbalances, improve your alignment and have a more confident, upright stance. 

  • Improved muscle function: Mobility increases blood flow to the muscles, which can help them get the nutrients they need and eliminate waste. They can perform better and be more coordinated.

  • Reduced risk of falling: When you’re more mobile, your balance is better so you’re less likely to fall, which is especially important for older people who are at higher risk of injury from falling.

  • Relieving stress: These types of exercises release tension in your muscles and promote relaxation. They can bring mindfulness to your routine and improve your mental well-being.


Ibiza Flex

Online and in halls

Tuesday 16th April

7.30pm to 8pm

Hardenhuish School


Join me for a fantastic mobility and stretch class set to Ibiza chill out tunes

Book now to avoid disappointment

You can also join via Zoom or Catch up.

Free for VIP members

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