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Do you want to lose weight and drop a dress size?

Hey.. Hey.. Hey… New & Revised 30 Day Womens Wellness and Weight loss Challenge (Drop A Dress size) starts on Monday 12th February


Let me help you lose those extra pounds…  with this motivational & positive 30 day challenge!


You are going to have to be accountable with weekly check ins and diary screening (sent to me privately), so be prepared to commit, plan and learn more about nutrition along the way.


Drink more water and up your daily steps.


In return I’ll be doing this with you. I’ll be there to give you a nudge, pat you on the back.. Give you tips & tricks, recipes, motivation and 3 x 15 minute weekly workout that you can do easily at home.


All this is in a private WhatsApp Group, so very easy to access.

Plus support from like minded women!


Are you in? Just £29 for 4 weeks,  (£10 discount for those already in my VIP Membership group)


Let me know with a comment or private message.  I’ll be setting up the group and adding you in.


So I can get it all up and running, everyone joining needs to be in the group by Thursday 1st February Lets do this!

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