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Common weight loss mistakes.

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

  1. Not planning. Planning is key so that you can stick to a routine. You are more likely to stick to it if you plan in your exercise and meals.

  2. Not eating enough protein. Protein can help with highs and lows in cortisol levels (stress hormone)

    1. Can make you feel fuller for longer

    2. Can help muscle recovery after exercise

    3. Can aid in weight loss Protein doesn't just have to be chicken, we can get protein from Eggs Milk Yogurt Beans and Pulses Quinoa Fish Seafood Chicken and Turkey Soya Nuts and seeds Tofu

  3. Not getting enough sleep. Sleep rhythms should be the same each day, even at weekends. Make a bedtime routine, shut off devices an use the last hour to unwind.

  4. Too much caffeine. Caffeine can disrupt sleep, energy levels so make sure you stick to only a few cups a day and don't have it late in the afternoon.

  5. Leaving out vital vitamins and omega fats. Have a varied diet of dairy, oily fish, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, fish, eggs.

  6. Alcohol. Unwanted extra calories, it can lead to snacking, craving sugar and carbs. Can lead to anxiety. It can disrupt sleep, interfere with hormones, induce stress. Try to go a couple of weeks and see the benefits.

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