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5 Top Tips to Burn fat

  1. High intensity interval training. Add this to your workout. Short bursts of intensity followed by rest periods. This method burns calories and fat in a short amount of time. Our Monday to Friday Lift lean in 15 workouts on Zoom incorporate HIIT and are suitable for beginners.

  2. Strength training builds muscle and increases you less metabolic rate which means you will burn more calories even at rest. Aim to do an overall body toning program. Incorporating Kettlebells can burn more calories in one workout. Our Monday to Friday Lift lean in 15 workouts on Zoom incorporate strength training and are suitable for beginners. Plus our weekly kettlebell 30 minute class is fast and effective and also suitable for beginners.

3. Keep hydrated. Drinking more water can help boost metabolism, reduce hunger and make your workouts more effective.

4. Eat good quality protein. Eating protein rich foods can give feelings of fullness. Aim for chicken, tofu, fish, legumes and dairy.

5. Get plenty of sleep. Poor sleep can disrupt metabolism and hormones that regulate hunger. Aim for 7 to 9 hours and keep a regular sleep schedule.

Why not try out our lift lean in 15 classes or our Kettlebells workouts.

All our lift lean in 15 workouts and our kettlebell workouts are available on zoom at the time of class or are available on our VIP fitness on demand channel or the app or website.

If you’d like to chat through any of our classes please do give me a call


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