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Losing motivation to exercise?

Im with you! I get how you feel, January seems soooo long!

Mornings are still dark, you are waiting for your pay packet!

Don't give up just yet....

There is hope though, but you have to take a step back and ask yourself some important questions!

1.Why did you start to exercise?

Is it for a specific goal? If it is then write down your goal and remind yourself of how you will feel when you get to that goal.

2.Are you an all or nothing person?

The best way to form good habits and be kind to ourselves is to do things and make changes one at a time, don't give up, just pick one thing you can change and do for the next few weeks.

Don't worry about the rest for now, get that sorted and then move on - If you try to do it all at once, you may become a slave to it and get fed up, you want this to be a long term change.

3. Find an exercise you enjoy and you have fun at!

We have classes that run in Chippenham from Aerobics to Clubbercise, Pilates to Kettlebells and we have fun at every class - Its never a chore! We use fab music to get you motivated. sing along to or just workout to - There is no pressure to be a certain way, we are a community and we are there for each other.

4. Find someone to fight your corner with you!

Either bring a friend or use me to help keep you motivated! Im here for all my members, I want everyone to feel like they can thrive and not just survive in life!

Message me if you would like any details or our classes in halls or online on zoom or catch up!

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