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10 tips to manage menopause symptoms

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

1.Strength Training

Strength training (or resistance training) is important for women of all ages.

Strength training is especially important during perimenopause and after periods stop.

As hormone levels fluctuate and the body goes through physical changes, building strength can help to prevent weakened bones, muscles, and joints.

Strength training also helps manage symptoms by:

  • Reducing stress

  • Improving balance and mobility

  • Boosting energy and moods


Getting into a good sleep routine can make a massive difference

Shut the Kitchen a few hours before bed

limit caffeine during the day

Have a wind down hour


Try to avoid stress as much as you can

Get out in nature

Practise deep breathing

Write in a journal

Plan your weeks

4.Good Protein

Add good quality lean protein to your meals

Add beans and pulses


Avoid excessive alcohol

Alcohol can raise stress levels and adds toxins to the body which the liver then has to work to remove, rather than spending more time regulating our hormones

Have a few non alcoholic days

6.Avoid Sugar

Sugar is a toxin, it has no nutritional value

It can create cravings, raise stress in the body as well as leading to weight increases

Try to have some sugar free days and add fruit to your daily routine


Water has so many benefits

If you are hydrated your cells and muscles can cope much better, alleviating headaches and lethargy

Keep a bottle handy to sip all day

8.Avoid processed foods

Processed foods usually have high sugar and salt

Try to batch cook and freeze to avoid reaching for the processed foods

9.Avoid late night eating

Late night eating can make your digestive system go into overtime just as you are about to go to sleep which can disrupt your sleep and also stop your body from fully resting, plus adding weight gain as you wont be doing anything to burn it off

Try to eat 3 good meals a day to avoid feeling hungry at night

10.Mix up your food

Take some time to plan your meals each week and mix them up to make sure you are having a good balance of nutrients

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