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Member Testimonials

"I joined Roz's group more than 2 years ago when I was looking for an exercise regime that would be both effective and enjoyable. I am pleased to say that Roz's classes have more than met my expectations as well as being very entertaining and lots of fun.


am particularly impressed by Roz's infectious enthusiasm and her helpful and immediate response to any questions or queries. In summary Roz's classes are amazing fun, excellent value and I look forward to each session with enthusiasm, which is never misplaced."

Trish, Chippenham

"I’ve never been one of those people who look forward to exercise - I’ll openly admit that I just don’t have the self-discipline or self-motivation. Since joining Roz I’ve loved exercise, the most important thing of the whole experience is that it’s fun and I look forward to every class as no two classes are ever the same.


Since joining I have also lost 6 stone, gained a level of fitness I never thought possible and have increased my self-confidence Tenfold. As I spend most of day supporting others it is great when I can just turn up to Roz’s classes, leaving the thinking to her and leave an hour later feeling great. Thank you Roz you are amazing 😻And my diabetes is in remission 😊"

Carolyn Weight loss.png

Carolyn, Chippenham

"That was such a lovely class. Really relaxing 😌 Only problem was it went too quickly 😂😥xx"

Mel, Chippenham

"Fabulous classes again last night. Feeling so much better in every way. Lovely to hear the other ladies apprecieting the community you have created. We all walk through the door and crack on, with the odd giggle thrown in. Thanks so much xxx"

Max, Chippenham

"I love the fact that the first ever class that 4kg bell felt like a tonne of bricks then after a while you realise you're swinging the thing one handed. Plus every inch of you has that satisfying hurt to it when you know you've worked all your body... I love kettle bells!"

Rachel, Chippenham

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